Shrink-Art Film Usage Tips & Techniques

How much does the Shrink Film shrink?
There are many variables in how much Shrink Film will shrink, i.e. type of oven, temperature used, and time; in general Shrink Film will shrink to about 50% of its original size and become thicker.

How thick is the Shrink Film?
All Shrink Film styles are .010” prior to baking (or the thickness of a business card).

Can I use an embossing heat gun to shrink my Shrink Film?
Yes, we suggest using tweezers or a stylus to hold the film while you heat.

Can I put my Shrink Film in a Laser printer/copier?
No, Shrink Film will shrink when exposed to heat. Laser printers/copiers generate heat while they process. Putting Shrink Film in either could cause serious damage to the equipment.

I printed on both sides of my Shrink Film and it smeared, why?
Grafix has several styles of Shrink Film, check your packaging to make sure you have the Inkjet printable style (either purple or pink packaging), if not try using permanent markers or rubberstamps.

How do I know which side of my Inkjet Shrink Film to print on?
Both sides are printable.

My Inkjet Shrink Film will not load in my printer, what do I do?
Try changing the printer settings to a thicker paper option – photo, glossy, etc. The available options will vary according to your printer model. If this solution does not work, we suggest contacting the printer manufacturer for additional assistance.

My Shrink Film curled up, what do I do?
Shrink Film will curl up, then flatten back out, this is simply part of the shrinking process. Be patient while shrinking and wait for it to flatten out. If your film curls and sticks to itself, simply remove from the oven and using toothpicks or tweezers un-stick and return it to the oven. Placing a heavy weight vellum or piece of parchment paper on top of your projects while shrinking will minimize curling and sticking. Keep a spatula handy when shrinking so that you can use it to flatten projects as they are removed from the oven and still hot.

What type of markers/media work best on Shrink Film?
Permanent markers/pens work the best on non-Inkjet styles of Shrink Film.

Do I need to seal my Shrink Film designs?
It is not necessary to seal your finished pieces. However, you can protect pieces that will be handled often with a polyurethane sealer.