Is Grafix Cling vinyl film archival?

Colored Vinyl Sheets

Is Cling vinyl film archival? No. Cling PVC film is loaded with plasticizers, to make the PVC soft and flexible. These plasticizers can outgas from the film over time, making Cling PVC inappropriate for long term archival storage. How will you be using this film in an archival application? If you need a good archival grade … Read more

Is ClearLay™ vinyl film and sheets archival?

PVC Film and Sheets

Is ClearLay™ vinyl film and sheets archival? No. Over a very long time, PVC, including ClearLay, can get brittle and breakdown. Even though our ClearLay product is pH neutral, and can be easily welded to itself, it can out gas materials. We can not recommend this product for long term archival storage solutions. How will you be using … Read more