DuraLar Thermoformability

Plastic Film, Plastic Sheets

Can DuraLar be thermoformed? Not really, we can not recommend any of our grades of Duralar for thermoforming applications.  Because of it’s higher heat tolerance, and bi-axial crystaline structure, it is not the best choice for thermoforming applications.  It’s not impossible but we don’t know many folks using DuraLar for this application.

DuraLar outdoor suitability

Is Clear DuraLar suitable for outdoor use? In the short term (less than 1 year), yes. For more than that, we do not recommend using Duralar for long term outdoor exposure. Long term exposure to the elements can cause the film to yellow, become brittle or turn hazy. The longer DuraLar stays outside, exposed to … Read more

How is Polyester Film Fabricated?

Polyester film can be processed in a variety of methods to take it from its original mill-produced configuration into a format that is compatible with a specific application. We offer several processes such as slitting, rewinding, sheeting, interleaving, laminating and finishing services to help convert our materials into a format that can be used for … Read more