What is polyester film?

A roll of DuraLar Polyester Film and Sheets

Polyester film, is a polymer resin of the polyester family. Sometimes known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), it is also commonly referred to by some trademarked brand names such as Mylar® brand, Melinex ®, and Grafix’s own DuraLar™. Polyester is the polymer name, and Mylar® et al are brand names, for essentially the same thing. Check … Read more

The “Skinny” on thickness

Plastic Film, Plastic Sheets

Plastic Film and Sheet thickness is expressed in a number of different formats all related to length. In the English measurement system, we us inches (in decimals) and gauge, so a sheets of .005″ thick material is also 500 gauge. In the Metric measurement system, we use microns (um) and millimeters (mm). There are 1000um in a mm. So the same sheets as described earlier is 125um thick, or .125mm thick.

What Type of Plastic Film or Plastic Sheets Do I Need?

PVC Film and Sheets

Very often people use generic terms to describe specific types of plastic film. For example one of the most popular generic terms used to refer to film is “Acetate”. However, Acetate is a specific type of cellulosic based polymer that is one of the oldest types of material used for making plastic film. This is why … Read more

Which type of plastic do I need?

Plastic Film, Plastic Sheets

There are many types of plastic materials, with a wide range of physical properties and attributes. To help you define what you might specifically be looking for, we’ve developed a handy Hierarchy of Plastics and their relative performance and cost. People often use generic terms to describe specific types of plastic film. For example, one … Read more

What is plastic film?

Plastic Film, Plastic Sheets

Plastic film is defined as a continuous form of plastic material, that is thin and usually wound up on a core, or cut into sheets. Generally plastic film is made from thicknesses of .00025″ (.06mm) up to .010″ (.25mm). Anything thicker is considered plastic sheets. There is a HUGE universe of plastic film materials, that can range from being made of a simple single plastic material to being a complex structure of different materials and coatings, depending on the needs of the application. Further plastic film can be manufactured out of different plastic resins, each which has it’s own unique physical properties once again depending on the needs of the application.