“Mylar Balloons”

Are Mylar Balloons made of DuraLar? No! Mylar Balloons are not made of any type of DuraLar, or Mylar or any other type of Polyester Film. ” Mylar balloons ” are made of a specially coated Nylon designed to seal to itself, and act as a barrier to hold helium gas. Unfortunately, we do not supply any material that is acceptable for this application.  Any film that we would sell you, would not be able to hold the helium gas long enough to make it worth while!

DuraLar Biodegradability

Is DuraLar Biodegradeable? No. None of our grades of Duralar polyester film is biodegradable! Although it can be recycled through a variety of recycling processes. At Grafix Plastics, we take your polyester film scraps and recycle it, thus avoiding landfill.

Is DuraLar Food Safe?

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Duralar is not certified for contact with food. Grafix stocks other products that are FDA certified such as Acetate, Specific Grades of Polyester Film, HDPE & Polypropylene. Other food safe films are available to special order but will be subject to larger production minimums. Contact us today with your requirements, and let us try and … Read more

How can I print on DuraLar?

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DuraLar, being a general purpose film, is not designed to be printed on per se. However, screen printing is one printing method that seems to consistently work well with this film. We recommend you contact your ink vendor for more information regarding printing on polyester films with the inks you plan to use. For specific … Read more

How is Polyester Film Fabricated?

Polyester film can be processed in a variety of methods to take it from its original mill-produced configuration into a format that is compatible with a specific application. We offer several processes such as slitting, rewinding, sheeting, interleaving, laminating and finishing services to help convert our materials into a format that can be used for … Read more