Is DFML Thermoformable?

Yes, DFML is Thermoformable.  However the more you draw this film, the more the micro louvre lens surface gets distorted.  This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the diffusion you are trying to create.  For something like this, it is always best to experiment.

How Heat Resistant is Acetate?

Rolls of plastic film and sheets

Acetate softens and starts to lose its form at 100C/210F.  Softening is also dependent on how long the film is exposed to high temperatures.  If you expose the film to a constant elevated temperature, it can lose its physical properties as well.   It’s ability to soften at these temperatures makes Acetate ideal for thermoforming … Read more

DuraLar Thermoformability

Plastic Film, Plastic Sheets

Can DuraLar be thermoformed? Not really, we can not recommend any of our grades of Duralar for thermoforming applications.  Because of it’s higher heat tolerance, and bi-axial crystaline structure, it is not the best choice for thermoforming applications.  It’s not impossible but we don’t know many folks using DuraLar for this application.